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Rent SUV in Kharkiv

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(RU) В услугах аренды внедорожников в Харькове могут нуждаться как гости, так и жители столицы. Эти практичные, вместительные автомобили лучше всего подходят для быстрого, комфортного передвижения по городским и загородным магистралям, проселочным дорогам, бездорожью.

SUV Rental

SUV Rental in Kharkiv is especially popular among drivers seeing value in comfort and sure-footed on the road. Such car can mitigate domestic road irregularities and allows you transporting passengers and quite bulky cargos safely and conveniently to any destination whatever the distance is. Hiring a car in Kharkiv you can head for a picnic, go hunting or fishing in any cross-country where passenger cars cannot pass without outside help.

Hiring SUV in Kharkiv: Advantages of This Vehicle

The presented vehicle is specified with excellent off-road performance and a range of the following advantages:  
  • Absolute safety. Design of such vehicle as Jeep includes enforced frame made of tenacious steel alloy, command driving position and reliable case providing proper safety of the vehicle during driving along the road and in the cross-country.
  • Hired vehicle of Jeep class are extremely roomy, so you can take things of any dimensions required for exciting pastime. For example, you can take with you prams, bicycles and other transport means for children and adults.
  • Handy passenger compartment and additional options increasing the comfort during your journey is a separate point of interest, which should be noted in Jeeps. In many cases this criteria is the most important when you choose a rental Jeep for trips around Kharkiv and countryside.

How to Hire a SUV?

You can hire a SUV with RentMe Kharkiv without any complications and at moderate cost for any time and for any purpose. You need to visit our office and provide the following:  
  • Personal passport
  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Driver’s License
  Minimum lease term is 24 hours upon signing the Agreement. You can pay the service fee in any of the following ways:  
  • Bank transfer to the company’s account
  • Cash money
  • Credit card
  • Voucher on lease payment
  At RentMe website, you can find the whole list of SUV available for hire. For more information or in case of any questions, please contact our managers by the provided phone numbers or via form available at our website by leaving an application in corresponding section.
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