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Standard car rental in Kharkov

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(RU) Недорогая аренда авто в Харькове позволяет в кратчайшие сроки добраться по указанному пункту и выполнить поставленные задачи. Сервис RentMe предлагает прокат автомобилей по доступным ценам – оформление договора занимает около 15 мин. Выбрать модель подходящей машины можно на сайте в каталоге или по телефону с помощью консультанта.

Standard Class Car Rental Services in Kharkiv

  Standard Class car rental in Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities is becoming more and more popular. Moreover, it has a definite reason as Standard Class cars are distinguished by acceptable parameters while rental fee is affordable to everyone. Nowadays no one can imagine comfortable city life without a car. Driving a car makes your work trips convenient and quick, it makes shopping at supermarkets more comfortable and makes driving children to kindergarten, school or sports groups more convenient. However, you can face with a situation when your personal car is out of order and you need to handle your everyday matters anyway. In this case as well as in many others rental of the comfortable car is the best option.  

Rental Standard Class Cars in Kharkiv: Characteristics and Distinctions

  RentMe offers you an opportunity to try hiring a Standard Class car including such models as:  
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Volkswagen Golf 6 Variant
  • Skoda Octavia A7
  • Skoda Octavia A5
  • Ford Focus
  • Volkswagen Golf 6
  The listed cars perfectly suit for driving around the city and countryside, because they are quite comfortable and safe. Moreover, this is applicable to the driver and passengers during the trip. Besides, the provided rental car fleet is characterized with the following:  
  • Vehicles are always in perfect operating conditions. All RentMe cars undergo technical checkup at best auto workshops in the town on a regular basis.
  • Vehicles have flawless outside appearance. Vehicles are washed not only outside, but the passenger compartment is cleaned after each rental as well, giving you the opportunity to use the vehicle in the newest possible condition.
  • Vehicles are equipped with up-to-date safety and control systems so the driver and the passenger can feel protected during the journey on any road pavement in the daylight or at nighttime under every weather conditions.
  • Vehicles are equipped with all the required devices and other elements making your journey pleasant during even the longest trips.

How to Hire a Standard Class Car?

  With RentMe, you can sign the Lease Agreement on the chosen car in 15-20 minutes. In addition, you can make your choice as to the car make and type in advance by picking the right vehicle at our website and booking it. To sign the Agreement you need to provide us with the following:  
  • Personal passport
  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Driver’s License
  You need to be at least 21 years old or older and have at least 2-year driving experience. Minimum lease term is 24 hours after signing of the Lease Agreement. You can pay the service fee in any of the following ways:  
  • Bank transfer to the company’s account
  • Cash money
  • Credit card
  • Voucher on lease payment
  For more information on lease terms, picking up and returning of the car and other optional services, please visit RentMe website. If you have any questions or need a consultation, please contact our managers by phone or try our callback service at RentMe website.
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