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Economy car rental in Kharkov

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(RU) Аренда автомобиля эконом класса в Харькове является одной из самых востребованных услуг в прокатном бизнесе. Личное авто позволяет полностью соответствовать быстрому темпу жизни, обеспечивая оптимальный уровень комфорта во время кратковременных и длительных переездов.

Economy Class Car Rental Services

  With Economy Class Car Rental Services in Kharkiv every person can move independently from public transport schedule and always be one step ahead. Today this service is available for those who could not afford it before. Hiring an Economy Class Car in Kharkiv has become available, so you can hire a car for the necessary time under reasonable terms. Economy Class vehicles include the following makes and models:  
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Hyundai i10
  • Peugeot 107
  • Fiat Punto
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Citroen C1
  • Volkswagen Polo sedan
  Moreover, Economy Class cars are characterized by not only reasonable rental fee, but also maximum comfortable and convenient cars having all the necessary options for the driver and the passengers. These cars are safe and traveling in them is a pleasure that cannot lease unsatisfied even the most critical customer.  

Hiring an Economy Class Car in Kharkiv: Rental Procedure

  With RentMe in Kharkiv, you can hire any Economy Class Car under very reasonable terms following the rental plan, which suits you best. In addition, all our vehicles undergo regular technical examination and have proper insurance. You can enjoy your trips independently or use the rental car to hit the road with your passengers. Vehicles are often rented for the following occasions:  
  • Meeting visitors at bus terminal / airport / railway station
  • Business trips with your partners
  • Family journeys on vacation, etc.
  In order to rent a car you need to visit the company office and provide us with the following:  
  • Personal passport
  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Driver’s License
  In total, the procedure takes up to 15 minutes. You can choose any of the following payment methods:  
  • Bank transfer to the company’s account
  • Cash money
  • Credit card
  • Voucher on lease payment
  After signing the Lease Agreement, you can use the rental car for your personal advantage. Please note that minimum lease term of the Economy Class vehicle is 24 hours after signing of the Agreement.  

Advantages of Renting an Economy Class Vehicle

There are numerous advantages of renting a car. With this service, you can highlight your status to your personal advantage or hide it, if needed. Determination of the reason to hire a car is up to you.  
  • You can determine the lease term on your own, as the service is very flexible and you can hire a car for any time that suits you best.
  • Wide car fleet gives you an opportunity to choose the preferred car for any future trips.
  • Proper operating condition of the vehicles, their outside appearance and passenger compartment.
  • High mobility that allows you driving around the city and countryside irrespective of public transport schedule.
  • You can execute the Lease Agreement without any additional payments and collaterals. Service fee corresponds exactly to the company rates.
  • You can use the car to your advantage without worrying about its insurance term and other things. We will take care about everything else.
  Contact RentMe in Kharkiv and hire a car in the shortest possible time. For more information, please contact our consultants by phone. To find the whole list of rental vehicles, please visit RentMe website.
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