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Car rent in Kharkiv is becoming especially popular in the recent years despite road congestion and growing number of light vehicles in the first capital. This can be explained by numerous advantages of car rent including speed and customer independence from external factors, superbable comfort of motion and reasonable cost. Even after the first experience with car rent in Kharkiv drivers point out personal profit of car lease in Kharkiv. Driving a rental vehicle you can go round the traffic jam or avoid sitting with strangers at the moment when you particularly need solitude in order to concentrate before an important meeting. You can easily offer car rent in Kharkiv with RentMe: we offer wide variety of rental car models from economy to premium class options.

  • 24/7 hot line
  • Competent client-oriented support will provide consultation in any issue
  • 24/7 free cancellation
  • Opportunity to cancel your order within 24 hours before the scheduled time
  • Reasonable cost
  • Special discount and pricing for regular customers
  • Best offers in Kharkiv
Friendly 24/7 support

24-hour service oriented on customer, 7 days a week

Free cancellation

Possibility to cancel before 24 hours

Pleasant low prices

Grreat discounts and special prices for regular users

Best offers In Kharkov

Car Rent in Kharkiv

Car rent in Kharkiv has become one of the most sought for services because of many reasons. Why car rent has become so popular? Rented vehicle may be defined as a basic tool to satisfy one’s need for safety and comfort – advantages of car rent at moderate cost are obvious. First of all, experienced driver with excellent skills and knowledge of driving regulations guarantees his personal safety and safety of his passengers. This is especially important if you are ordering a rental car for a family trip. Secondly, you can’t deny that car lease in Kharkiv is much more cost-saving than taxi services: you pay only fuel costs and a fee for the use of the chosen car, while driving by taxi for a busy person will cost a fortune. You can use any light vehicle with any body type and required fuel consumption with RentMe in Kharkiv. We provide not only a rental mean of transport – car lease at competitive price will give you freedom, convenience and personal calmness.

High Time to Rent a Car in Kharkiv

Light vehicle lease is a lucky find for a modern man; it allows you saving money and time in various situations. Thus, if you haven’t managed to acquire your own personal vehicle of the desired car make but your business requires speedy motion across the city all day long, car rental services in Kharkiv will be the perfect answer to all you troubles. Those days when you had to wait for careless taxi drivers or worry about long-coming buses for a trip in severe frost or July heat may be forgotten. Many travelers who come to another country or city on a business trip or on a tourist visit has got used to car rent at moderate cost. You can visit all the places at reasonable pricing feeling perfect comfortable and convenient. At last, lease of the automobile in Kharkiv may be useful if your personal vehicle is under regular or emergency repairs in auto workshop. There are many situations requiring a personal means of transport. The only choice here is to use services provided by the reliable company with unsurmountable service quality.

Car Lease with RentMe: Reasons to Choose Us

Many customers who have already made use of car rental services in Kharkiv with RentMe have been pleased with coordination of work, comfort and customer care as basic criteria of our business. There are many reasons to choose car rent in Kharkiv with us:

  1. We have a wide car fleet consisting of vehicles of any class. Powerful off-the-road vehicles for surmounting uneasy Ukrainian roads, Premium-class Japan vehicle or light-sized Peugeot as a cost-effective option – any car you like you can rent in Kharkiv.
  2. All the catalogue models for rent in Kharkiv are in perfect working condition: we guarantee that you will not face any unpleasant incidents in the city as we carry out motor vehicle inspection on a regular basis and eliminate even the tiniest issues.
  3. Simple procedure of the car rent.
  4. Informational customer support. In case of any issue concerning car lease in Kharkiv you are welcome to call us and we will provide explanation for every issue.
  5. Flexible pricing, convenient lease payment method.
  6. In order to make use of our service you need only several documents.

Value your personal time, space, comfort and safety – rent a car in Kharkiv with RentMe.

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