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Car rent in Kharkiv is becoming especially popular in the recent years despite road congestion and growing number of light vehicles in the first capital. This can be explained by numerous advantages of car rent including speed and customer independence from external factors, superbable comfort of motion and reasonable cost. Even after the first experience with car rent in Kharkiv drivers point out personal profit of car lease in Kharkiv. Driving a rental vehicle you can go round the traffic jam or avoid sitting with strangers at the moment when you particularly need solitude in order to concentrate before an important meeting. You can easily offer car rent in Kharkiv with RentMe: we offer wide variety of rental car models from economy to premium class options.

  • 24/7 hot line
  • Competent client-oriented support will provide consultation in any issue
  • 24/7 free cancellation
  • Opportunity to cancel your order within 24 hours before the scheduled time
  • Reasonable cost
  • Special discount and pricing for regular customers
  • Best offers in Kharkiv
Friendly 24/7 support

24-hour service oriented on customer, 7 days a week

Free cancellation

Possibility to cancel before 24 hours

Pleasant low prices

Grreat discounts and special prices for regular users

Best offers In Kharkov

Car Rental Service in Kharkov

Recently Car Rental Service in Kharkov has become even more popular and highly sought. This service is affordable and budget-friendly so everyone can rent a vehicle in a cost-efficient and convenient manner. We are talking not about empty bluster used for company advertising, we are dealing with proven facts – car rent in Kharkov is cheaper than taxi service. This service is convenient for business travelers, business professionals and city visitors coming on personal matters. Any tourist is eager to visit all the places worth seeing in a time efficient manner, any business traveler needs to collect all the signatures and receive approvals, while a person coming to see his family members needs to visit all the numerous relatives. Taking a taxi will hit you in the wallet, because the taxi rate is quite high and such a trip will cost you a fortune. Besides, you do not know the taxi driver and cannot be feel confident about his or her driving skills. That is why renting a car in Kharkov is the perfect option. You will gain full advantage and control over your comfort, safety and cost-efficiency. In this case, the client and the driver is one and the same person making decisions on the road. Knowing the city and streets will give the drive additional convenience.

Available Rental Units

Company car fleet includes cars of different classes determining the service cost. The client may choose any car of the following classes:

  • Premium
  • Business
  • Economy
  • Four-wheel drive vehicle

Your choice is determined only by your habits and preferences as well as your financial position. We are also ready to offer for lease a four-wheel drive vehicle from our car fleet. The Lease Agreement for a car in Kharkov may be executed in less than 24 hours. To use the rental service the client has to make the required payment and provide the following documents:

  • Driving License proved by 2-year or more driving experience
  • Passport and Identification Code

You can book a car in advance, before you actually come to Kharkov. You can cancel your order, if necessary. You will receive the chosen car in technically sound state, clean and equipped with additional options or without them. Vehicle maintenance is performed by experienced and qualified technicians who also manage consumable materials, oils and liquids in the car. So, you won’t face any troubles with the car rented in Kharkov.

Advantages of the car rental service

  1. As previously stated, one of the key advantages of renting a car is the reasonable cost of the rental service depending on the vehicle class. Moreover, the client will have an opportunity to get to different parts of the city within one day. The Kholodna Gora and Saltovka are located far from each other, so taxi ride is quite expensive while car rental in Kharkov allows saving your time and money.
  2. Moreover, the client can book a car depending not only on the vehicle class, but choose the preferred car make and model. The ride will be safer if the driver manages the familiar vehicle.
  3. If you need to go to another city, Kiev or Odessa, immediately, you have to inform the company representative in advance.
  4. Car rental service in Kharkov provides you with 24/7 customer support. In case of any unexpected situation during your ride, for example, need for wheel change or being out of fuel, the company will provide you with full-fledged technical support.
  5. The client can choose the vehicle specifications and additional options, such as child seat of GPS navigator. Our car fleet includes vehicles with different powertrains using any type of fuel. The renter can rent a car using any type of fuel, such as diesel oil, gas or hybrid.

These are only a few advantages but they are sufficient to try a comfortable Rent a Car in Kharkov Service.

What do you need to rent a car?

In order to rent a car the client needs to have a Driving License and be 21 years old or more. In order to rent a car of Premium class or a four-wheel drive vehicle, the client have to be 27 years old or more. Before renting a car, you need to execute a Lease Agreement and pay the insurance fee. The amount of the insurance fee depends on the vehicle class and is calculated on a stand-alone basis. Upon return of the car to the company, the insurance fee shall be returned to the client. Legal entities and companies are requested to provide only a Letter of Commitment. Daily car rental in Kharkov is a cost-effective and convenient service, highly praised by many city dwellers and guests of the First Capital. If you need to book a Premium or Economy rental unit, you can choose the appropriate car make and book it directly at our website. We will execute the Lease Agreement in a timely and efficient manner, so you can try this service in the shortest time span.

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