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Luxury car rental in Odessa

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Daily Car Rental in Odesa

High-class car rental will display you to advantage; make you look like a person with the highest income and social status. This service is particularly well liked for negotiating with contracting agents and investors when you need to represent yourself as an affluent partner. Moreover, VIP car rental services in Odesa suits people who are used to drive premium vehicles, but had to apply for this service in our company due to some technical fault in their private vehicle.

Why leasing a high-class car is beneficial?

Leasing VIP cars is not an expensive service anymore. Today this service is available to everybody who has the Driving License and is over 27 years old. You can get a car with the highest quality characteristics and performance indicators, impressive and magnifical outside appearance for quite moderate fee on a temporary basis. Daily VIP car rental in Odesa will help you to settle many issues which are impossible to settle without a premium vehicle:
  • Get a win-win investment.
  • Sign a long-term agreement.
  • Declare yourself as an affluent and self-sustainable partner to your foreign contracting agents.
These are just several opportunities among those that await a VIP car renter in Odesa. If you arrive to meet the business delegation driving a Premium car, it will surely improve your business position and open you new prospects.

Five reasons to apply to our company

  1. You may execute VIP car rental in Odesa for one or more days and settle all the matters in different parts of the city. Whatever these matters are: business or personal, it is still convenient and cost-efficient.
  2. We rent only company-owned transport, so every vehicle is always in proper working order and has a picture-perfect outside appearance. Besides, we offer optional services so you can order a number of other services on a case-by-case basis.
  3. We have a large car fleet so you can choose a VIP car of well-known brand with any specifications; the car may be equipped with automatic gearbox and other functional options.
  4. With our 24/7 customer support you can forget all your worries about technical faults or failures.
  5. Our service fees are quite moderate and are calculated on a case-by-case basis.
If you come to our city on business or to settle some private matters, trying high-class car rental in Odesa will be a good idea. If you are used to drive a VIP vehicle and have the Driving License and sufficient driving experience, why should you entrust your life and wellbeing a taxi-driver with unclear proficiency? You cannot reasonably foresee how the taxi-driver manages this or that situation during your journey around the city, you cannot find out his/her driving experience and reaction in the event of an accident. It is always better to make use of high-class car rental service in Odesa and rely on your own knowledge and driving experience.

What shall you do to rent a car?

We offer a wide variety of Premium-class car makes so you can choose the most suitable car make. You are welcome to make a choice based on an engine type, on an automatic or mechanical gearbox, on availability of top-class options increasing your comfort during your trips. Our catalogue includes the best and most respected car makes, such as Mercedes, Lexus, Volkswagen, BMW and Audi, which are available for advanced reservation. After one-day trip in one vehicle, you can book another one for the next day. It may be helpful if the driver is picking up the perfect car model satisfying all his/her criteria. Upon trying the whole range of VIP vehicles, you can decide on a certain car make and model. In order to rent a car you need to sign the Car Lease Agreement and provide your personal information. In addition, you need to pay the Insurance Fee in cash or by bank transfer (banking card). When you return the rented vehicle, the Insurance Fee will be reimbursed. The Car Lease Agreement will include the daily charge calculation, the total amount due will also include additional requirements, if any, such as special child seat, multimedia system or GPS navigator. In case of any troubles during your journey around the city, i. e. going out of fuel or tire servicing, please contact us and we will provide you with all the roadside assistance. High-class car rental in Odesa is cost-efficient, up-to-date and useful service. If you live in Odesa or come here on business or tourist trip, you are welcome to try our car rental service anytime! We can offer you a car, which perfectly satisfies your taste and preferences.
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