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On you coming to Odesa as a guest, it’s a good idea to try Car Hire in Odesa. It will eliminate every trouble with your trips and journeys around the city. Hiring a car without the driver for a day or more is cost-efficient and convenient. Many Odesa residents and guests of the city tried this service and appreciated the comfort it gives to the hirer. If you need to rent a car in Odesa, you can make a reservation for the preferred car make and model in advance at our website. We have an extensive car fleet including the following vehicles::

  • Premium
  • Economy
  • Business class

Every customer chooses the familiar car make and model or suitable for journeys around the city. You can hire a car for a day or more, up to two months. It is possible to pick up a car with manual or automatic gearbox depending on your tastes and preferences. In addition, we have a wide variety of Economy class vehicles, which makes this service affordable by any social groups and people with any income level. You can rent a car in Odesa, provided you have personal ID, Driving License and Identification Code. Besides, you need to have over 2 year driving experience. For renting a SUV and Premium Class vehicles, you need to be over 27 years old. Why hiring a car in Odesa is cost-efficient and convenient We have many well-founded answers on this question; however, the key reasons are listed below:

  1. Car Rental prices in Odesa are economically justified, loyal and affordable for people with different income.
  2. Trips by public transport are time-consuming and unpredictable, so you can be late for some important meetings. That is why Car Rental Service in Odesa is a good idea for settling down numerous business and private matters.
  3. Driving a car yourself may be much safer that entrusting your life to unknown taxi-driver. You cannot predict the taxi-driver’s behavior in this or that situation, the taken decision and performed maneuver, so car rental service is much safer.
  4. In some cases, trips around the city by taxi may be much more expensive than car hire rates in Odesa. If you need to visit many places during a short period, you know the city or you have a GPS navigator, you can succeed with all your plans and arrangements. In case you have no GPS navigator, you can order optionally with the rented car.

These are just a few of numerous advantages of car hire in Odesa, and all of them are approved by our customers who already tried this service.

How to book a rental car

Car Rental Service in Odesa is available at our website. All you need to do is just visit the website and make a reservation. Here you will find a massive catalogue with cars of different classes, with automatic or manual gearbox. Just pick the gearbox of your choice. In addition, we will be glad to see you in our office where you can choose the preferred car and try our self-drive car hire services in Odesa. Car hire rates in Odesa are calculated on a case-by-case basis depending on the following:

  • term of use
  • car class
  • optional functions and services

Moreover, in order to hire a car in Odesa you need to pay the Insurance Fee (just a security). We will return the Insurance Fee back on your account (or in cash) as soon as you return the hired car without any faults or damage, please remember to return the hired car in time. Car rental rates in Odesa are determined based on the chosen car make and model. Anyway you will have to review the Car Lease Agreement, its subject matter and provisions carefully. The price of the car hire in Odesa will be specified in the Car Lease Agreement. As soon as you sign the Agreement, pay the rent charge and Insurance Fee, you will receive the vehicle and be ready to hit the road.

Reasons to choose our company

Daily Car Hire in Odesa is marked by stable prices, cost-efficient and up-to-date service affordable by everyone. We have a big car fleet, so our Car Hire Prices in Odesa are steady, fair and reasonable. You can hire a vehicle for any period, but total amount is calculated on a daily basis. You need to pay the Insurance Fee. It’s just a precautionary measure preventing you from rash acts leading to some material damage. We put special emphasis on this provision as it stands up for our interests. Besides, it makes the driver more responsible and keeps him from unreasonable and uncoordinated actions. You can hire a car in Odesa for you business, entrepreneurial and private needs. Often your self-sustainability and economic security may be enough to impress and convince your contracting parties and investors. You just need to hire a car in Odesa and come by it to the meeting with important partners. Business travelers often use our service, as they don’t have much time to settle all the numerous matters. Therefore, they just book a car for corresponding period and cope with the planned tasks successfully. Naturally, they sign the Car Lease Agreement and pay the Insurance Fee. Daily Car Rental in Odesa is a modern service available to the city residents and guests of Odesa who come on business or vacation. You will be surprised with our car hire rates – just try us! In addition, you may use online option to make you car reservation at our website.

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