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Car rental procedure in KyivKharkiv is very simple and takes approximately 15 minutes. The main terms of car rental are:

Documents Required:

  • Passport (for non-residents of Ukraine Domestic or International Passport);
  • Identification Code (For Ukrainian citizens only);
  • Driver’s License.


  • from 21 years for economy and middle class cars;
  • from 25 years for business, premium and 4х4 cars.

Driver’s license:

  • the driving experience of the tenant must be at least 2 years for all car groups;
  • full name on the license must be written in Latin.

Forms of Payment:

  • bank cards Visa, Mastercard (Payment of rent by credit card is made directly by the cardholder with a passport);
  • cash;
  • vouchers with paid rental;
  • bank transfer (by invoice).

Payment for the entire rental period is made before the trip begins. When returning the car before the end of the lease term recalculation is based on the actual time of use of the car. The change of the tariff plan may be taken into account.

Limitations on Mileage:

  • allowable mileage is of 300 km per day (calculated in total for the entire rental period);
  • surcharge for excess mileage (economy class – 0,18 $/km, middle class – 0,20 $/km, business and premium class – 0,30 $/km);
  • «Unlimited mileage» service is possible only when renting a car from 3 days (please check with the manager for details).

Security Deposit (Pledge):

  • the insurance deposit is paid at the time of signing the contract, and is returned to the Tenant under the terms of the contract, at the time of transfer of the car;
  • deposition of the insurance deposit is made in cash, using a credit card (blocking of funds) or in the form of a letter of guarantee (for legal entities only);
  • the size of the deposit depends on the selected vehicle class;
  • subject to a deposit with a credit card, unlocking can take additional 3 to 21 business days.

Car Receipt/Issue:

  • Kharkiv: issue / return during business hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the address 10-20 USD, issue / return during non-business  hours at the office 10-20 USD, at the address 15-30 USD;
  • Kiev, delivery / return during business hours from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the address 10-20 USD, delivery / return during non-business hours at the office 10-20 USD, at the address 15-30 USD;
  • Boryspil Airport issue / return during business hours 25 USD, issue / return during non-business hours 40 USD.

The car is transmitted and returned in its pure form with a full tank of fuel, washing and fuel is not included in the rental price.

Rental Term:

  • minimum rental period of a car – 1 day (24 hours);
  • the countdown of the rental starts from the moment the car is received, and is counted for every 24 hours;
  • at the end of the lease period, when the vehicle is returned 2 hours after the end of the last day of lease, another one-day rental is paid according to the current tariffs.

Additional Services and Accessories:

  • late/early Return/Selection of a car – 10 USD;
  • GPS Navigator – 5 USD/day;
  • Child Seat – 5 USD/day;
  • car return in another city – from 80 USD (calculated by the manager);
  • «Young driver» service (please check with the manager);
  • «Unlimited mileage» service (please check with the manager);
  • «Full insurance» service (please check with the manager).

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All settlements are made in the Ukrainian hryvnia at the Interbank Currency Rate on the date of payment
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