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Volkswagen Touareg car rental

Volkswagen Touareg car rental
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Ship of the Desert

Any keen traveler will not allow himself to set off on a long journey without respective equipment. Especially, if we are talking about an extreme road. And definitely the car should be suitable for any kind of pressure or difficulties. If you travel by your own car, you know what to expect from it. But a rented car can give a nasty surprise. In this situation, you need to choose very carefully. And the best option is to rent Volkswagen Touareg. This German SUV got its name from the nomadic desert tribes and it is fully justified:
  • electronic AWD;
  • three-liter gasoline engine of 240 hp;
  • controlled interaxle differential;
  • low range;
  • climate control;
  • adjustable seats;
  • sliding sunroof.
Add a roomy interior with lots of containers for various necessary things thereto – and you will get a real off-roader, powerful and rational. So, going on a tough journey, it is best to rent Volkswagen Touareg!

24 hour Assistance

It is only necessary to understand how to make a rental of Volkswagen Touareg in KyivKharkiv? This task will be easily solved, if you go to our website services. A handy catalog with many suggestions will allow you to quickly and easily find the right option. Including the rental of Volkswagen Touareg for a difficult and a long road. We don’t demand much from our clients: age from 21 to 25 years, driving experience – from two years, the availability of a minimum package of documents. You may choose the form of payment yourself. Besides, we will deliver the ordered car to any location in your city. It should be noted that those who decided to rent a Volkswagen Touareg, or any other car, can get a number of additional optional accessories and services. This is why the hire of Volkswagen Touareg is the best decision of yours!
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