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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado car rental

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado car rental
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It drives through anything

Off-road cars are a separate class of cars that provide the driver and passengers with the highest level of comfort and guarantee safe movement on roads of any quality. Rental of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in KyivKharkiv allows to solve such problems as:
  • arrangement of lots of people;
  • lack of even road coverage;
  • necessity of trips on unpaved roads or off-road.
By deciding to rent Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, the driver can go on a short or long trip with all his family members, take friends to a country vacation, ensure a pleasant business trip. Car rental of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is indispensable in cases where the planned motion path runs along grades. The car is equipped with systems helping in descending and ascending. Due to innovative technologies steerability and flexibility of the vehicle are significantly improved. Electronic systems take care of the safety of the driver and passengers. They help to distribute braking forces, engage the anti-lock braking system and increase emergency braking. Hire of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is useful to everyone who doesn’t want to spend precious time to detour difficult sections of the road. Thanks to the anti-slip system, the car is controllable on slippery and wet roads.

You book – we deliver

In order to rent Toyota Land Cruiser Prado all you have to do is contact our manager using the contact information on the website. With the availability of all the necessary documents, the registration takes place very quickly (no more than 15 minutes). Please prepare the passport, TIN and the driver's license in advance. If you have no time or you don’t feel comfortable with getting the car in the pickup point, the delivery service to any location in your city is at your disposal. You can order a child seat, navigator or other accessories, so that the rent of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado brings you the maximum pleasure from the trip.
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