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Citroen C1 car rental

Citroen C1 car rental
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Movement - that's life. Especially, if we talk about nowadays. We all hasten, and having a personal car in this case is a big plus. However, far not everyone can afford having his own transport. And sometimes it happens, that your beloved car is under repair, and, as luck would have it, you have to wheel the city the whole day. Car rental is just tailored for such cases. And for the urban traffic the most efficient is the rent of Citroen C1. No wonder this car is proudly named city-car. It’s perfectly responsive in traffic jams thanks to small size. At the same time, the five-door salon is quite roomy for both large companies and family trips. If you rent a Citroen C1, you get:
  • Adjustable steering tube;
  • air conditioning;
  • central lock;
  • frontal airbags;
  • 14-inch wheel disks;
  • 68 hp under the hood.
You should agree, for city trips this option fits the best possible. And if we take into account the low fuel consumption in the recalculation of 100 km, then we get a quite favorable offer. Besides, you can rent Citroen C1 at very affordable prices, if you use the services of our site.

Rental Services

Nowadays, every citizen of Ukraine and any guest of our country have the opportunity to rent Citroen C1 using the Internet in KyivKharkiv. On our web resource you will find all the necessary information about booking and renting. And in case of any additional questions, you can contact us by phone on the website. So, what do you need to rent a car Citroen C1? Quite a bit: driver's license, passport and TIN. You can pay for the order in any convenient way for you. Along with the car, we can provide you with additional services and accessories. They include delivery of the car to any address in your city, and delivery of the car late in the evening. In a word, we will do all our best to make rental of Citroen C1 a real pleasure for you!
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