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Ford Focus car rental

Ford Focus car rental
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Power and Confidence – a perfect match

When you decide to rent a Ford Focus, the driver receives at his disposal not just a vehicle. This is a popular, functional and practical car turning everyday trip into an exciting adventure. Regardless the reason for which you needed a rental of Ford Focus, you will be able to fully enjoy the car driving. Short trips within the city will demonstrate excellent maneuverability, transverse stability and smooth entry into turns. At the same time, a long journey between cities will reveal other advantages of this model:
  • fuel economy;
  • road holding;
  • responsiveness;
  • modern security systems.
Rental of Ford Focus is the best way out of any situation, in which the driver urgently needs a car. If you can’t use your own vehicle or it is simply insufficient, it is much more convenient to use a rented car than the taxi service. Rental of Ford Focus will allow you to go on vacation or on a business trip, to visit relatives or, to drive quick as the wind your wedding guests.

15 minutes – and the car is yours!

In order to rent Ford Focus in KyivKharkiv you will only need basic documents and little time. Prepare in advance your driver's license, identification number and passport. Registration will take no more than a quarter of an hour, and the car can be obtained at any time at the rental office. If you do not wish or do not have the opportunity to come to us, we will provide the car to any point in your city. In the event that you need to rent Ford Focus to travel with a child, you can use the child seat, which we also have for hire. We are ready to provide you with a navigator and a number of other accessories that may be needed on the road.
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