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Rent a car in Kiev without collateral

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Car Rental in Kyiv without a Deposit on favorable terms

Car Rental in Kyiv and in Ukraine in general becomes more and more popular. Ordinary Ukrainians with average earnings as well as wealthy businesspersons or tourists from other countries have already noticed all the benefits and advantages of this service. You can get a car in perfect technical state at a reasonable cost for any time period, for example, for 24 hours or more. Right now, we are introducing a new option – Car Rental in Kyiv without a Deposit and Pre-payment on favorable terms.

Car Rental in Kyiv without a Deposit: Details

The amount of pre-payment depends on the vehicle class and may vary from 300 USD to 3 000 USD. As a rule, a customer pays this amount in cash or the equivalent amount in UAH is frozen at the credit card until the return of the car. And what if you do not have such amount at your disposal at the moment, but you still desperately need a car? We offer you to hire a car in Kyiv without a deposit on favorable terms. The terms are absolutely transparent: the deposit amount is significantly reduced and you take out an Insurance Policy. In other words, when you hire a car in Kyiv without a deposit on a daily basis, the daily charge per car rental is increased, but you receive the following benefits:
  • The car has Fully Comprehensive Insurance (KASKO) and Third Party Only Insurance (OSAGO) which indemnify you from any possible risks.
  • Even if the paint and lacquer coating of the car has been slightly damaged, there are some compression marks on the body or bumper resulted from the negligence of the driver who hired a car in Kyiv without a deposit, the Insurance Company will compensate the damage at the expense of the additional Insurance Policy.
  • Car Rental Fee is lower, when you hire a car without a deposit for a longer period of time.
  • Money on your credit card is not frozen.
All other options of Car Rental without a Deposit are similar to regular car rental terms. Upon your request, our online consultants will provide you with the detailed cost estimate. In addition, they will answer all your questions, if any.

What you Need to Know about Car Rental in Kyiv without a Deposit?

When you need a vehicle right here and now for some reason, for example, when your own car undergoes repair or you want to test drive some specific model, car rental in Kyiv at a reasonable cost without a deposit for 24 hours or more is an option under the following conditions:
  • You are over 21 year old (please note that for Premium car rental without a deposit you need to be over 25 years old).
  • You have a Driver’s License and at least 2-year driving experience.
  • If you are a Ukrainian citizen, to rent a car without a deposit you have to provide your Ukrainian passport and Identification Code at signing the agreement.
You can pay the full cost of car rental in Kyiv without a deposit in cash, in vouchers or via your banking card. If you need to extend the rental term, you need to notify the manager in advance. The Insurance Policy relieves you from responsibility for minor damage. However, the Insurance Policy does not cover some other risks. For example, if it is discovered that the vehicle has been damaged while the driver was under the influence of alcohol or if the driver has violated the terms of the Car Rental Agreement executed to hire a car without a deposit in Kyiv, the said driver will have to recompense the company and third parties to the full. If an insured event occurs, please notify the manager immediately and call the police.

Advantages of Hiring a Car in Kyiv with RentMe

Car Rental in Kyiv at a reasonable cost without a deposit is one of the services we offer to the residents and visitors of the Ukrainian capital. Besides, we have other offices in other Ukrainian cities, such as Kharkiv, Odesa and Lviv. Hiring a car in Kyiv without a deposit with us, you can enjoy the following benefits and advantages:
  • Extensive model range from low-cost budget-friendly hatch backs to Business cars and Premium four-wheel drive vehicle.
  • Affordable and reasonable pricing on car rental in Kyiv without a deposit.
  • Availability of additional options – booking, car delivery to the airport, GPS navigator, extension of the agreement, return of the vehicle in another city.
  • Perfect technical state of our car fleet: all the cars are brand-new with clean passenger compartment, working air conditioning and climate control system.
Hire a car in Kyiv without a deposit with us under favorable terms for 24 hours or more. Choose any vehicle from our extensive catalogue. Our managers are here to support your and answer all your questions.
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