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Convenient and Budget-friendly Service from RentMe: Car Rental on the Weekend

Are you planning to visit your relatives in another city or have a picnic with your friends at the weekend? Now with our new service of hiring a car on the weekend in Ukraine you do not have to hire a costly taxi or suffer in oppressive buses and suburban electric trains. Car rental is a cost-effective and affordable service proven by experience of tens thousands of Ukrainians. We offer rental vehicles of different classes: from compact Economy-class hatch backs to Premium-class sedans and powerful four-wheel drive vehicle.

Car Rental with RentMe: Favorable Rental Terms

To get the rental car and hit the road, all you need is the following:
  • Driver’s License and at least 2-year driving experience.
  • You need to be over 21 year old.
  • To execute the Short-Term Car Rental Agreement you have to provide your Ukrainian passport and Identification Code.
Car rental cost depends on the chosen vehicle. We also charge a deposit, our online consultant will tell you the amount of this deposit. Not a problem, if you cannot provide the deposit – we have an option of Car Rental on the Weekend without a deposit and pre-payment. In this case an additional Insurance Policy is executed, it insulated you against personal liability in case of minor damage to the car body, paint and lacquer cover and bumper. Our services are also available to foreigners. In order to hire a car, you need to provide your passport and Identification Code. When you hire a car for more than 72 hours, there are no limitations on the operational kilometers. All the vehicles in our car fleet have Fully Comprehensive Insurance (KASKO) and Third Party Only Insurance (OSAGO). Our rates are reasonable and economically justified. Our customers are convinced that Car Rental on the Weekend is much cheaper that hiring a taxi or going by overcrowded public transport. In addition, you can travel to any corner of Ukraine with comfort. Meanwhile, you can take with you any number of passengers – two or five, you decide!

Money-Making Car Rental on the Weekend with RentMe

We are doing our best to ensure the most favorable and comfortable terms of car rental for trips around Ukraine. If for some reason your own car is unable to move, so you cannot use it to go to the countryside for a weekend, you are always welcome to contact our managers online. We offer:
  • We have offices in the largest Ukrainian cities, such as Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv.
  • Our car fleet is in perfect technical state – vehicles are maintained by on-staff mechanics and the passenger compartment is cleaned after every drive.
  • You receive a rental car for a weekend with a full tank.
  • Wide model range – from compact Smart cars like Citroen C1 to Premium Mercedes-Benz C-Class or four-wheel drive cars like BMW X3.
We offer a lot of additional options. For example, you can hire a car for the whole weekend in Kyiv and return it to one of our offices in Kharkiv or Odesa. If required, you can get a child seat, GPS navigator or extend the rental term, get the Full Insurance Policy, use the Young Driver service, etc. We guarantee that you will like our rates. And one more benefit: the longer the rental term is, the lower the rental fee. We pay much attention to our vehicles. All the cars are well attended and have a perfectly clean passenger compartment. There are not stickers or other marks on the car body, so you impress your business partners or friends without any difficulty. There is not a chance that they suspect that your car is under a short-term rental. If you are planning some trips on a weekend and would like to hire a car for several days, choose a car from our catalogue and book it for the time which suits you. Our managers will answer all your questions and provide a consultation.
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